Welcome to my blog of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (5e) “House Rules” (or “homebrew” if you prefer).

I’ve developed these rule modifications over 30 years serving as a Dungeon Master for a wide range of players, editions, and campaign settings.

I’ve built this particular blog to support my return to the Dungeon Master role after taking about 10 years off.  I’ve based this all on 5e to make it easier for newer players to work into one of my campaigns.

This material is generally organized as a review of the 5e Player’s Handbook, with each of the numbered sections covering a different section or chapter of that published work.  I’ve also included a great deal of my own material supporting my games, and a list of online resources for players and DMs alike.

Nothing here is copyright protected, and some of is stolen outright from other sources.  But there’s no intent to profit from any of this.  My only goal here is to provide an easily accessible source for my players to view my House Rules, work up their characters and arrive at my game session ready to play.

Please send any questions, issues, or concerns you may have to me at BigNerd@SimNerds.com.

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